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A. Most assignments last 13 weeks, though some travel jobs may be as short as 8 weeks while others may be as long as 26 weeks. Many assignments are renewed if the traveler and the hospital are in agreement. Some travel nurses extend multiple times, when the job is a perfect fit!

A. Yes. Freedom and flexibility are why many RNs pursue a career in travel nursing. We understand that spending quality time with family and friends is as important as finding a job you enjoy. Take a few weeks off, enjoy life, and come back to traveling when you’re ready!

A. Yes. You get to pick the state, the hospital, and the healthcare setting. We have travel nurse jobs in exciting cities like San Diego, Miami, Seattle, New York, and Chicago, as well as in rural and suburban settings across the country. We also staff in California, Florida, and Hawaii if you are looking for miles of sprawling coastlines and gorgeous beaches.

A. Yes to all of the above. In fact, many travelers say they enjoy their experiences more when they are accompanied by a partner or pet. If you choose to travel with your pet and opt to live in our free private housing, we will be sure to place you somewhere pet-friendly.

A. We frequently arrange travel nursing jobs for friends and spouses within the same facility or area. Housing arrangements can either be individual or together — it’s your choice.

A. Approximately halfway into your travel nursing job, you and your recruiter will discuss your options, such as extending your current assignment or choosing a new location. Unless you request time off between assignments, we work diligently to keep you employed full-time.

A. You must have at least 12 months of acute care clinical experience in order to travel. If you don’t have this experience yet, we recommend that you fill out an application so we can keep it on file and contact you once you meet the requirements. Graduate nurses can leave a profile in our database for future travel nurse job opportunities. To learn more, call 402-252-5757 or email one of our friendly recruiters at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you!

A. You first need to submit a completed travel nurse application, which is easily done. Even once the application is completed, you are never under any obligation or pressure to accept an assignment. The travel application and interview process will move forward only as fast as you like. After receiving your completed application, we will compare your qualifications against thousands of open high paying postings and present and recommend assignments to you based upon your experience and your specific needs for location, salary, and benefits.

A. Once you complete your online application, your recruiter immediately begins to search for assignments that match your skills and experience and align with your geographic and shift requirements. Once they have generated a list, they call you and present each position to you. You indicate which positions interest you, and your application profile is sent to those facilities. This process often occurs within hours of your initial application. Then we arrange a phone interview for you – and if all goes well, that interview ends with a job offer! Depending on the season, the demand for your specialty, the location and your readiness to travel, the process can take as little as one to five weeks.

A. After you select travel nursing assignments to pursue, we arrange telephone interviews with the hospital representative from each facility. Some facilities will pre-arrange a time for the phone call, while others will call you without notice. During the interview call, you find out more about the hospital, the travel position, and the area where the hospital is located. Should you choose to accept the assignment, we will confirm all essential travel nurse details with you including your salary, housing selection, insurance, travel arrangements, and benefits and get you started on your assignment documentation.

A. All assignments are full-time, which means a 36 to 40 hour workweek. Many assignments offer overtime. Your recruiter can recommend facilities that consistently offer overtime, or you can ask the interviewer if overtime will be available throughout the assignment.You’ll also receive holiday and overtime pay when appropriate.

A. Hiring staff love to see travel assignments on your resume. Traveling success demonstrates your ability to adapt quickly to various hospital environments and indicates that you are a highly competent, flexible, and cooperative individual. Furthermore, working as a travel nurse opens the possibilities of employment in prestigious hospitals across the U.S., thereby enhancing your professional knowledge and advancing you in the practice.

A. We have a reputation for providing some of the best travel nurse housing in the industry. Our stellar housing department finds private deluxe apartments, furnishes them, and sets up (and pays for) utilities so you can live free of charge for the length of your assignment. Housing is centrally located with on-site management services and luxury amenities, when available. Most units are equipped with full kitchens (dishwasher, stove, microwave, and refrigerator) and large walk-in closets. Many apartment complexes have fitness centers, spas, swimming pools, clubhouses, and more. Don’t believe us? Check out our travel nurse housing testimonials. Should you choose to find our own housing, Trumed provides a generous housing subsidy to offset the expenses you may incur. Many travelers enjoy the independence and control of setting up their own housing.

A. We know that traveling with friends and family – human or otherwise! – enhances your experience, and we can certainly accommodate them. We find housing particularly suited to your needs and sign a lease with your preferences in mind, so all you need to do is communicate your wishlist to your recruiter.

A. We do our best to accommodate all traveler housing requests. Because we will be leasing an apartment for your specific assignment, we will find the unit that comes closest to suiting your individual needs. You tell your recruiter your request; we work diligently to fulfill it.

A. We recommend that you travel to your assignment by car. Trumed provides a AAA membership reimbursement, directions, and maps to assist you. Having your own car on assignment will better enable you to become acquainted with your new surroundings and more easily access recreational destinations. If you’re not comfortable driving to your destination but would like to use your vehicle while on assignment, you may want to consider shipping your car or using an auto train.

A. If driving is not for you, ask your Trumed recruiter to recommend assignments in towns and cities with efficient public transportation. If you choose to take our housing, we’ll also do our best to place you within a short walk of either the facility or a public transit line. You may also want to consider bringing or buying a bicycle for access to destinations not immediately accessible using public transportation.

A. Travel reimbursements for healthcare professionals are calculated by taking the round trip travel distance from your starting point to your assignment and then from your assignment back home. You can expect the payment in two installments; you will receive reimbursement for your travel to your assignment in your third paycheck and reimbursement for your travel home in your last paycheck for the travel job.

A. Trumed offers some of the highest paying travel nurse jobs in the industry. Depending on the urgency of a hospital’s staffing needs and the facility’s geographic location, salaries are generally much higher for travelers than for comparable permanent staff positions. In addition to these generous travel nurse salaries, travel assignments with us include group health, life, dental and vision insurance including day 1 options; free private housing; potential completion bonuses; license reimbursement; travel allowances, and more. Travel nursing can be a very lucrative profession.

A. All paychecks and reimbursed expenses are paid weekly by Trumed via direct deposit at no charge to you, so you have immediate access to funds anywhere, anytime – because we understand your need for timely and accurate pay. In addition to receiving weekly paychecks, our travelers have the convenience of our iPay service, which allows you to view your paystubs and check the status of your deposit the same day you receive your paycheck.

A. We offer completion bonuses at the end of many travel nursing assignments. In addition, we have a very generous referral bonus plan that rewards you for sending us your friends and acquaintances. If you qualify you will receive up to $1,000 per candidate. There is no limit to the number of referral bonuses you earn, so keep them coming! Ask your recruiter for referral program rules and eligibility requirements.

A. Trumed insurance covers medical, dental, and life. We value your health and wellbeing and want to ensure that you are covered when traveling. Our insurance is flexible, meaning you can add dependents.

If you’re already insured and want to maintain your current coverage, TruMED offers generous health insurance subsidies while on assignment.

A. Trumed provides unlimited online CEU credits to our travelers. Our continuing education health component includes more than 400 courses available to nurses and allied health professionals. Take your credit hours online and print a certificate of completion immediately.

A. We offer a corporate-matched 401(k) retirement plan in place through Fidelity Investments. You manage all your contributions online. Travel nurse jobs with us come with all the long-term benefits of a permanent staff position, but give you the flexibility to choose location, shift, salary, and lifestyle!

A. Yes, we provide comprehensive professional liability insurance, worker’s compensation, and malpractice insurance to all of our travel nurses and allied health professionals free of charge on all of our staffing assignments.

A. Yes, our Tax Advantage Plan can increase the take-home pay for travelers who qualify for tax-free benefits. Be sure to ask your recruiter about our per diem for meals and incidentals and other non-taxable benefits, as well as for information regarding how to qualify.

A. In addition to a minimum one year of acute-care experience and the required RN licensure, hospitals are looking for adaptability. Healthcare employers often post jobs for nurses who can cover several different units. For example, a med/surg nurse who can also work in pediatrics and telemetry is always going to be in demand — or an L&D nurse who can also work in mother/baby and NICU. You can increase your marketability with certifications in an additional specialty or by asking your nurse manager if there are areas that you can float to within your scope of practice. Employers also want to see that you’re able to quickly assimilate into their hospital’s staff and methodology. The more travel experience you add to your resume, the more hireable you become.

A. In short, yes. More than ever. Technology has dramatically changed the field of travel healthcare staffing. Advances in information technology are making it easier to find job openings in every corner of the country practically the moment they open up, while high-tech staffing services have made it possible for healthcare employers to hire from an ever-larger list of candidates. While the demand for travel nurses has increased overall, the hiring market can vary significantly in different regions of the country, in different specialties, and even at different times of the year.

A. Our best advice is to work closely with your recruiter, who will be able to tell you about positions in your specialty and your destinations of choice. Your recruiter can also advise you on assignments with start dates that meet your needs. If you are open to working in different locations, in different units, or on different shifts, your options will expand dramatically. If your references and paperwork are complete and your RN license and certifications are valid in your desired state of practice, you’re well on your way to a rewarding assignment.

A. Absolutely. You have the final say on whether you agree to the hospital, the location, the start date, the shift — with every assignment. Depending on what you’re looking for, it may take you a little more time to find your ideal travel nurse job. Don’t worry though; we have an extensive list of jobs that is updated constantly. Your ideal job is either here already or just on the horizon. Insider tip: Get inspired by stories of fellow travelers who took the advice of their recruiters, tried something new, and never looked back!

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